Real Guitar Songs

2008-01-12 00:28:55 by Japanesekanji

FREAKIN' YEAH! I FINALLY got my guitar to plug into my comp. I got a cord, and hoped it would work. I tried it with through the amp. It sucked. I tried it directally to the comp, and it worked great! Be on the lookout for songs made by me with REAL GUITAR! I hope you all will enjoy them. Anyways, I really want to get a good song on. I really want to thank some people:
-Smartkiss for supporting me, as she is my gf,
-Iplaygames, for showing me Newgrounds and Magix, and,
-aldlv, for really enjoying my songs.
I really hope that the small group of people that enjoy my songs will soon bookmark me as an artist fav, and continue to look here for updates. Thank you all.



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