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New Post

2011-01-16 21:35:10 by Japanesekanji

I feel like updating my news post...



And I cannot figure out what to write. Just check my music, I guess. It's much more interesting than this post.

Got Something New...

2010-07-21 18:52:57 by Japanesekanji

I bought myself a Line 6 Pocket POD. It's pretty fun, actually. I think I might even do a little review. I got it used for about $60 at a local guitar shop.

Rock on.

New Guitar?

2010-07-07 00:07:52 by Japanesekanji

So I'm thinking of selling my old, out-of-use amps and my guitars to get a nice, new guitar. Yay for local guitar shops.

FFVII Remix Update

2009-11-27 22:53:15 by Japanesekanji


I finished up some songs; here's the current progress in order of about how done:

Anxious Heart
- Recorded. - 100%
Mako Reactor - Tabbed, remixed, and recorded. - 100%
Boss Battle - 30/71 bars converted and remixed into tabs; no recording done - approx. 20% done.
Underneath the Rotting Pizza - No Tabs Needed - Syth Bass and Strings Prepared - approx. 20% done.

I hooked up some 80's sound hardware, so now I can get some better EQ done on the guitar. Sounds good in my opinion.

I remember as a kid, I'd play Final Fantasy VII all of the time. It's still my favorite game. One thing I remember from it that I loved was the soundtrack. I though, 'Hey, why not cover the soundtrack from FF7?' So that's what I'm gonna do. I'll have to spend a lot of time in TuxGuitar writing tabs and looking MIDI files, so it'll take a long time to cover every song. The hardest part will probably be incorporating guitar and/or drums into each song. Anyways, I have 60 songs to cover, and Livyathan from Draconity will be helping with the drums and bass.

Anyways, here's the current progress:

Boss Battle - 30/71 bars converted and remixed into tabs; no recording done - approx. 20% done.
Underneath the Rotting Pizza - No Tabs Needed - Syth Bass and Strings Prepared - approx. 20% done.

The rest of the songs are not tabbed or remixed.

We've got a long way to go, so wish us luck.

Startin' Over

2009-10-24 00:50:24 by Japanesekanji

Deleted my songs and flashes. Well, except two songs, because Newgrounds won't let me.

Hey... That Sounds Kinda Cool...

2009-08-31 19:00:42 by Japanesekanji

I recently posted a song called (JPK)Anarchy. Personally, I like the guitar's distortion. I think I'm gonna keep that sound for a while. What do you all think?


New Equipment and New Projects

2009-08-19 18:27:12 by Japanesekanji

Hey. I bought some new guitar cords, so now my set-up is 100% complete. I'm going to sell my old Fender Starcaster soon so I can afford this effects pedal/USB recorder at the local guitar shop. I have roughly $25, so that means I'm about $125 off. If you wanna help, go here.

Also as a project idea, I thought it would be fun to cover a few DOOM songs.

DOOM songs done:
d_bunny <=Updated
E1M8 Preview <=Updated


I have Bell's Palsy.

2009-08-15 06:40:57 by Japanesekanji

Hey all. I apparently have a case of Bell's Palsy. That basically means I can barely move 1/2 of my face. It sucks. My eye gets dry from poor blinking ability, and I can't smile, frown, or anything. All I can say is that this sucks. Luckily they gave me some medications. They for some reason gave me steroids, but if it works, I'll be glad as hell. Well, I'm gonna go find some tape so I can close my eye for when I go to bed. G'night.

I Finally Set Up A Good "Studio"

2009-08-01 02:36:58 by Japanesekanji

Okay, so basically, I figured out how to record my guitar a little better. Anyone looking for some tips may want to read this... Anyways, here's basically a checklist that I made of what I did/need to do:
[X] Guitar
-[X] GOOD guitar.
[X] Effects equipment.
-[X] Software effects
[X] Cords
-[X] Power
-[X] 3/4" Jack
[X] Converters
-[X] 3/4" to 1/4"
-[ ] 3/4" to USB
[ ] Average or better recording hardware
-[ ] Knowledge of how to use the hardware
[X] Lots of picks
[X] Extra strings
[X] Recording software
[X] Sound editing sofware
[X] Arranging Softare
[X] A power supply
[X] Extra instruments
-[ ] Drum kit
-[ ] Drum recording hardware
-[ ] Bass guitar
[X] VSTi instruments
-[X] Drums
-[X] Bass guitar

Tips to all of you out there:
x If your recording hardware seems to give you too dirty of a sound, make sure your volume isn't too high and make sure your distortion is acceptable. If neither works, try tuning up. I can't tune any lower that dropped D tuning before it starts sounding really dirty or overly distorted.
x Make sure your recording hardware doesn't suck. You know, unlike my set-up.
x Remember, always feel free to record multiple takes instead of one huge one, and never fear re-recording something. Better to spend 5 extra minutes on a song than to have your song sound like crap.

That's all for now.